Introduce Yourself

As you join the Rehab Tech Summit event platform, you will be encouraged to build your profile. This profile will be visible to all attendees, including speakers and health tech companies. 

From the moment you join the platform, you will be able to connect with other rehab practitioners, potential employers, and world-class experts to expand your network. 

Image of 2 cellphones showing a profile of one participant and a chat message between 2 participants within the event platform
Image showing the gamification option on the event platform.

Play the Game

As the Summit kicks off, so too will our event game. Make your way through the platform, build new connections, and search for the passcodes along the way. 

Keep an eye on the Leaderboard and in-event announcements for special prizes. 


Join a Table

On the Rehab Tech Summit VIP Day, our Keynote speakers will take a seat in the Cafe to answer your questions face-to-face. 

Through our one-stop platform, you will be able to join us at the Cafe, grab a seat and connect with our keynote speakers virtually.

While in the Cafe, you'll also be able to connect directly with a variety of health tech companies who are looking forward to speaking to you one-on-one. Learn more about their products, have a chat about their companies and build some new connections!

Image of a virtual networking lounge with virtual tables and chairs

Expand Your Circle

Throughout the Summit, we will have an open lounge where participants are free to mingle with each other. 

As you move around the lounge, you can invite other participants to a "circle" and engage in conversation. 

We know it won't be the same as in-person, but we promise that you'll have fun floating around our virtual lounge!


Ready to Start Networking?

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