Alyson Stover


Alyson Stover is an associate professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy at the University of Pittsburgh and Owner and Director of Clinical Services at Capable Kids. Additionally, she co-founded a non-profit organization that uses occupation to address community, societal and population needs. She obtained her juris doctorate in law with a post-graduate certificate in health law from the University of Pittsburgh. Her areas of practice expertise include pediatrics, specifically trauma-informed occupational therapy, family-centric interventions, and holistic approaches to substance use disorder and high risk behaviors. Alyson is AOTA Board Certified in Pediatrics. Alyson's interests include using occupational therapy as a powerful driving-force for larger health care change, advancing occupational therapy’s national and global relevance and occupational therapy’s role as a leader in policy development and implementation. On July 1 2021, Alyson commenced her position as President-Elect of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). She will transition to her role as AOTA President for the July 2022 to June 2025 term.

12:00 PM PST

Thursday March 10, 2022

LIVE - Making our Mark: How can Rehab Professionals Join the Tech Conversation?

Is our profession advancing at the same pace as our client's needs are changing? Are we taking advantage of advances in technology to maximize impact in our assessments and interventions? Join this panel discussion with the leaders of our profession to discuss the future of rehab practice, how our organizations are supporting this and what we can all do to future-proof our careers.