Andrea Case-Rogers

Andrea Case-Rogers is the Chief Experience Officer at ZIBRIO, the balance company. She brings decades of experience from technical companies impacting day to day human behavior across various industries, from deep sea shipping to healthcare.

Initially designed for astronauts on the moon, ZIBRIO has developed technology that measures physical balance and fall risk in a simple 60 second test that identifies 2-4 times more high-risk patients than currently used clinical practices.

Effective fall prevention programs begin with accurate identification, lead through personalization and ultimately empower the patient. ZIBRIO has developed the tools for all stages of this journey to support therapists, physicians, care-givers and older adults themselves in changing their balance and fall risk profile.

Balance is highly receptive to our daily activities, though most people don’t realize it changes every day. ZIBRIO offers a measurement that is sensitive enough to register small changes, yet simple enough to be used by people in their own homes, to better inform their balance health, motivate better choices, and act as an outcome measure for clinical programs. The company’s mission is ultimately to stop the world from falling down.

10:45 AM PST

Friday April 8, 2022

LIVE - Falls Prevention: Past, Present, Future

Is there a place for technology in enhancing current falls prevention interventions? Let's consider how virtual interventions and technological innovations can enhance our practice when looking at improving balance and strength, home safety and falls education. Join us as Dr. Deborah Bolding leads this panel discussion and speaks about interventions of the past, current research, and new ways for us to help reduce falls.