Benga Adeeko


Benga Adeeko is the co-founder of NewGait, a rehabilitation device company based in San Diego, CA. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas - San Antonio and a professional engineering license in the state of California. As a former collegiate track athlete he combined his skills and love of engineering and track & field and developed a speed training device called the SpeedMaker in 2015. The device ended up in the hands of a physical therapist who used it to rehab an SCI patient. The transformation the patient had inspired Benga and his business partner to pivot their business in 2017 from the athletic performance market to the rehabilitation market, and rebrand as NewGait. He now leads a team of rehab professionals focused on promoting recovery, increasing mobility, improving quality of life, and restoring hope to people with movement limitations through their innovative products. Benga is excited to share his entrepreneurial experience as someone who accidentally ended up in this industry. From the highs of watching a patient cry tears of joy after walking without pain in years to the lows of cofounder breakups. He will share his experience from turning his startup idea into a reality.