Betsey Jansen

I have been working at Tyromotion GmbH, located in Graz Austria since March 2013. Taking on the role as Key Account Manager Asia and during the end of 2013 including Middle East as well, I developed our market in these regions. Starting in 2020 I shifted to focus solely on Business Development, heading the new department within Tyromotion. In March 2020, I was nominated to head the Health Economics working group at IISART. Part of this role included a series of webinars based on the reimbursement landscape as well as a US based project.

3:15 PM PST

Friday March 4, 2022

How do we get paid for this stuff?: Health economics and reimbursement for neuro technologies

After spending close to 9 years in the advanced technology industry, travelling globally to visit distributors and customers, there is a global issue regarding reimbursement. Neurological rehabilitation does not gain attention on the grand scale in general hospitals around the world. This is challenging for manufacturers investing in R&D to provide innovation in products to convince top level hospital executives to invest in technology. Heading the Health Economic working group for IISART, I have gained experience on a global scale regarding health economic topics and together we are working on a solution to this challenge. Come and listen, share your experience and together we can make a difference.