Charlene Nadalin

Founder, Amintro

Charlene Nadalin is a social entrepreneur in Toronto who is working to combat the effects of loneliness among older adults. She’s the Founder of Amintro, a free social platform and information hub designed for people aged 50+ who may feel lonely and/or socially isolated. The idea for Amintro came to Nadalin in 2012. Her mother, Marge, had been widowed 11 years earlier at the age of 56. Marge was independent and active, but over time, she had become increasingly alone, says Nadalin. Like many women of her generation, Marge was focused on family and work in her younger years, and she didn’t have much time to socialize or nurture friendships. Nadalin wanted to help her mom connect with other older adults and make new friends. Noticing that her mom used social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the idea of Amintro was born- an accessible platform for her to make new friends and find activities easily. Amintro was launched in 2018 to provide her mom with an easy way to make new friends locally and access activities and experiences to share with her new friends.