Courtney Smith


Courtney Smith is a dual therapist, credentialed as both an occupational and physical therapist (University of St Augustine 2013, 2015). She has worked all over the country as a travel therapist for the last 4 years, and most of her clinical experience is in the home health setting with the geriatric population. This year, Courtney ventured into entrepreneurship and started an email marketing copywriting business, The Office On Call, LLC ( She provides sales funnel strategy, copy, and implementation for clinical and non-clinical therapists. As an entrepreneur, Courtney prides herself on being able to put her writing hobby turned skill to work, while advocating for others in her profession by helping with their direct marketing strategy. She helps others bring success to their businesses through non-sleazy email campaigns that attract, nurture, and convert online traffic into clients, without costing more time or effort. While not working, Courtney can be found on the nearest hiking trail with her husband, Cory, binging cute dog videos on Instagram, or dreaming about her retirement in Hawaii.