David Putrino


David is a physical therapist with a PhD in Neuroscience. He studied computational neuroscience at Harvard Medical School, MIT and NYU. He is currently the Director of Rehabilitation Innovation for the Mount Sinai Health System, and an Associate Professor of Rehabilitation and Human Performance at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. He develops innovative rehabilitation solutions for adults and children in need of better healthcare accessibility. He also works with high performance partners such as Red Bull, the Brooklyn Nets NBA team and the US Olympic team to use evidence-based technologies to improve athletic performance. He is the author of Hacking Health: How to make money and save lives in the HealthTech world. In 2019, he was named "Global Australian of the Year" for his contributions to healthcare.

8:45 AM PST

Friday March 4, 2022

Use of technology for monitoring and management of patient outcomes: What's on the Horizon?

The COVID-19 pandemic has irreversibly altered the way that patient care is delivered, and accelerated the integration of novel technologies into the practice of medicine. In this talk, we will cover some of the most promising technological approaches to patient care that have recently emerged, as well as actionable strategies about how to create sustainability around these approaches.

8:30 AM PST

Saturday March 5, 2022

LIVE - Are You Getting Replaced?: AI and Big Data in rehab technology

Will health providers' clinical reasoning eventually be replaced by machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence? What will be the impact on the role of the clinician and how they are trained? Will there still be art to medicine? Join our interactive panel discussion as we explore these and many provactive topics about the impact of 'big data' on everyday clinical practice with our experts.