George Collier


George H. Collier Ph.D. is a Senior Data Scientist for Shepherd Center, a leading Rehabilitation Hospital. His passion is to improve patient care through applying cutting-edge advances in big data and data science.

Dr. Collier received his Ph.D. in cognitive science from Princeton and started working as a Research Scientist at Telcordia, a spin-out from Bell Labs. At Telcordia, he worked in both research and as a technical lead of multiple commercial products. Subsequently, as Principal Data Scientist at Ericsson, Dr. Collier led teams that delivered groundbreaking enterprise big data projects. Separately he developed new rehabilitation applications used in multiple research projects. At Shepherd he is laying the groundwork of a cloud-based big data system to support predictive analytics.

In his spare time, Dr. Collier likes to cook, spend time with his family and ride bicycles in the mountains and wild and beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.

8:30 AM PST

Saturday March 5, 2022

LIVE - Are You Getting Replaced?: AI and Big Data in rehab technology

Will health providers' clinical reasoning eventually be replaced by machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence? What will be the impact on the role of the clinician and how they are trained? Will there still be art to medicine? Join our interactive panel discussion as we explore these and many provactive topics about the impact of 'big data' on everyday clinical practice with our experts.