Hanna Paul


Hanna is a former OT who practiced as a traveling therapist in the San Francisco Bay Area for 2 years. She was exposed to the tech scene and was eager to know how she could apply her OT skillset to a career in health care tech. Working part-time for two start-up companies, (one by leading the clinical trails and another in product demonstration), these opportunities solidified Hanna's desire to leave the clinical world for the world of tech. Through much trial and error, Hanna finessed her skillset in marketing herself as a hirable applicant for non-clinical roles by developing her personal brand, learning the in's and out's to LinkedIn and by networking with others in her local community. Hanna is passionate about people and now works for a telehealth company, Vytal Health that is rooted in Functional Medicine. She is involved in leading creative development by contributing to cross-functional projects from product design, user experience, customer success, as well as designing out operational systems that set our patients up for success. She spends a lot of my time designing out happiness generating experiences as patients transition from clinical care to virtual care. It was at a networking event that Hanna was able to challenge the idea of being anything other than OT when a speaker asked the audience, “how many of you are doing something in your career that has anything to do with your degree?”, only 25% of the room raised their hands. That was enough for Hanna to realize her OT skillset was applicable in any field she desired to enter.