Iris Kimberg


Iris Kimberg MS PT, OTR is no stranger to the business world. She started her first company, HTA of New York, Inc. from scratch 35 years ago, at a time when therapy agencies as we know them today did not exist. When she sold the company in 1996, it had three branch offices, 700 affiliated therapists and was generating $14 million in revenue. During the time when Iris was under a non-compete clause and not able to work in the industry, her idea to be a consultant was born. “After the initial thrill of not working wore off, I realized how much I missed interacting with all the therapists I had grown to know through my company. So they began to call me at home, and eventually the talk would turn to therapy.” I clearly saw that there was a need for a consulting company where therapists either already in private practice or thinking about private practice could turn to for advice in this rapidly changing and competitive health care market.” Then 9/11 happened and the 14 OT and PT practices in my Downtown NYC neighborhood were destroyed, shuttered or damaged. I immediately began consulting with them to help get them back into business and have not stopped since.