Joan Green


Joan Green is a speech-language pathologist, assistive technology specialist, online tech coach, and the mother of 4 young adults. She is the founder of Innovative Speech Therapy, a uniquely effective private practice based in the Washington, DC area. For 35 years, she has helped children and adults with both developmental and acquired disabilities.

Joan published her first book in 1997 titled, Technology for Communication and Cognitive Treatment: The Clinician’s Guide: A revolutionary approach to enhance treatment outcomes for people with speech, language, learning and cognitive disabilities. Since that time, she wrote 3 editions for the book titled, Assistive Technology in Special Education: Resources for Education, Intervention and Rehabilitation. The most recent edition was published in 2018.

In addition to providing person-centered family friendly therapy in the Washington, DC area, she always has an eye out for affordable technologies to make life easier and speed up progress for individuals across the lifespan who communicate, learn and think differently. She regularly speaks on a wide variety of communication, cognitive, literacy, and learning topics. Her passion is sharing her knowledge of effective systems, techniques and strategies for using affordable cutting-edge resources that empower families and professionals to improve engagement and achievement. She is passionate about connecting with colleagues and families all over the world to help them leverage the benefits of tech.

Joan is originally from Buffalo, NY, received her formal undergraduate as well as graduate education at Northwestern University, and now lives in Potomac, MD. 

2:00 PM PST

Saturday March 12, 2022

Let's leverage the benefits of technology to support learning!

During our time together, Joan Green will highlight a range of digital features, resources and strategies that we can use to help students. There are amazing built in features already included in our digital devices, browsers, apps and other tech tools to support accessibility and inclusion that many SLPs, OTs, educational therapists, educators and families don’t realize exist. As professionals, it’s important that we are aware of the many ways that technology can be used to improve communication, cognition, literacy, and executive functioning to help students overcome barriers to learning and maximize outcomes.