Lauren Rashford


Lauren is currently serving as VP of Product Development for Moterum Technologies. She holds a doctorate in physical therapy and brings substantial experience in the neuro-rehabilitation world, including clinical management and business development roles. With her strong background in both clinical and commercial rehabilitation she offers expertise in clinical strategy and implementation. She has played a direct role in launch strategy including management of a product from concept to launch, as well as data integration, and research development. Lauren has also been responsible for clinical operations, building and leveraging partnerships, and delivering current protocols/education. Lauren is a member on the executive board for the Women's Southeast Life Sciences.

2:45 PM PST

Friday March 4, 2022

Optimizing health outcomes for neuro populations with remote services

You’ve heard of it! Now, let’s implement Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) & Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM). There’s been so much chatter around these codes, but are you actually applying them? Where do you start? Learn the facts, the process, and ways to integrate the unique revenue streams back to your practice.