Liz Miracle


Originally from Texas, Liz Miracle graduated from Texas Woman's University School of Physical Therapy and is now the Bay Area Clinical Director of Origin PT in San Francisco, CA. She gained passion about serving women long before having her own baby through her close relationship with her college roommate, now an obstetrician. As a board certified womens health clinical specialist, Liz enjoys working with patients who wish to prepare for birth, as well as serving those suffering from diastasis rectii, pelvic girdle pain or pelvic floor dysfunction resulting in pain with intercourse, incontinence, and many other diagnoses.

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Skill-Building Workshops

The Consumerization of Healthcare

Technology has evolved over the last decade making the delivery of healthcare more accessible and enabling providers to better meet the needs of their patients. COVID has expedited this consumerization, forcing providers to meet patients where they are. Join Origin's Clinical Director, Liz Miracle, PT, MSPT, WCS as she shares how physical therapists can approach this shift toward consumerization and the tools and strategies Origin has implemented to better meet the evolving patient needs.