Lizzie Williams

Lizzie is a Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist working at Hobbs Rehabilitation since May 2020. She also has a background in orthopaedics, frailty and inpatient rehabilitation. Lizzie jumped at the opportunity to be involved in MiNT to combine her interest in technology and love for providing high quality rehabilitation for patients. Lizzie brings the perspective of a physiotherapist who routinely utilises neurotechnology with patients as well as teaching and supporting other clinicians in embedding it into practice.

10:00 AM PST

Saturday March 5, 2022

LIVE - Masterclass in Neurotechnology (MiNT): An empowering educational platform for therapists

Join us for this presentation by specialist Neurological Clinicians from Hobbs Rehabilitation, UK, as we introduce MiNT Academy, an innovative new clinical educational platform and inspire clinicians to apply technology through clinical reasoning to reinforce evidence based practice and drive neuroplasticity. We will also outline the training pathway to becoming a Device Specialist and explore a research framework for clinically relevant product development.