Manik Chaudhery

Manik is currently the co-founder and CTO of UpTOSpeed, a marketplace for universal technical support and education that works to narrow the digital divide. He is a highly-motivated entrepreneur driven to find the gaps in the product market and innovate ways to major societal issues. Manik completed his computer engineering degree from the University Of Toronto where he specialized in artificial intelligence and business. Manik has previously co-founded 2 startups, one of them being Easy Jobs, an iOS application to help struggling students find jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has a spectrum of experiences in the technology space, having previously worked as a Data Scientist at Ecobee, software developer at Interac, and a technical product manager at a non-profit organization, Livelihood Project. Manik is also an avid hackathon enthusiast, where he has developed award winning innovative products for Canadian banks, Toronto Police Services (TPS), and mental health initiatives, all aimed towards the betterment of society.