Manish Shah

Manish Shah is an entrepreneur that has been building companies for nearly 20 years. A native to the bay area, he studied at UC Berkeley and started his first company just before graduating with his bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He went on to co-found LiveRamp, a leading data business that is publicly traded today on the New York Stock Exchange. Additionally, Manish is an active investor and has invested in a wide range of startups including Datavant, SafeGraph, TravelJoy, Facet Wealth, DraftKings, and Care+Wear.

Currently, Manish is the Co-founder and CEO of PeerWell, a tech enabled medical group that specializes in whole person musculoskeletal care. Through its interdisciplinary programs, patients are able to overcome pain and immobility faster and with lesser costs than standard of care.

10:15 AM PST

Thursday March 10, 2022

Moving MSK Outside the Four Walls of the Clinic