Marisa Mackenzie

Marisa Mackenzie is a specialist Neuro Occupational Therapist with over a decade of experience specializing in rehabilitation both in Switzerland and in the United Kingdom. During her time working in rehabilitation, she enthusiastically researched new treatment methods and implemented them into her therapy. After qualifing in the United Kingdom, Marisa went on to to recieve a Sensory Integration Continuing Education (CE) Certificate from University of Southern California. The driving force of her work has been the desire to improve the quality of life for patients, this passion pushed her to pursue a career with MindMaze where she could impact change and develop innovative new treatments methods to help solve the gap in rehabilitation. Currently at MindMaze she is leading the Clinical Success Team.

9:15 AM PST

Saturday March 5, 2022

Pioneering the Future of Neuro Telerehab

This session will focus on the increase of digital therapeutics for enhancing neurorehabilitation in clinical practice. The definition of digital therapeutics will be discussed as well as how clinicians can integrate digital therapeutics into their practice. Clinical literature and value will be expressed through a review of recent scientific studies supporting digital therapeutics as it relates to neurorehabilitation.