Matt Cumella

Matt graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2009 with a BS in Allied Health Sciences and a Psychology Minor. He moved on to the University of Central Florida, earning his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2014. Matt has been practicing as a Physical Therapist in the Boston area since 2014 with a career devoted to skilled nursing and sub-acute settings, with positions focused in direct patient care as well as Assistant Rehab Director and Rehab Director roles. He became a certified Geriatric Clinical Specialist in 2018. Matt has developed a special interest in interdisciplinary efforts to improve outcomes, particularly in the necessary role of assistive technology and durable medical equipment as a supplement to the success of maximizing outcomes and patient potential. Matt has become passionate about the potential for improving acute and chronic outcomes through leveraging a more directly clinical and thoughtful approach to the design of durable medical equipment, and as an adjunct to clinical roles has spent a number of years developing concepts and theories related to understanding the core of unmet needs in the space. In 2020 Matt invented and founded Stedi, a company dedicated to advancing assisted mobility through thoughtfully designed devices. Stedi’s flagship devices are unique and simple to use dual transfer and walking aids with built-in stability to mitigate posterior tipping forces. Stedi has 2 flagship models in development with full development anticipated in Spring 2021.