Meredith Mayton


Meredith Mayton currently serves as the Multi-Specialty Program Manager at the new state-of-the-science Sheltering Arms Institute in Richmond, VA. Until the opening of this facility, she served as the Occupational Therapy Team Lead for inpatient and outpatient therapy services at the parent Sheltering Arms Hospital. She was the leader of the iREACH Clinical Program which focused on upper extremity neurological recovery through advanced technologies. She has also served in a Knowledge Broker role which sought to bridge the gap between current evidence and its application into clinical practice. She has 14 years of experience as an occupational therapist with the adult neurological population and now works to lead the therapy team at the Institute.

2:00 PM PST

Friday March 4, 2022

Technology Adoption 101 - Integrating Neuro Tech into Rehab Practice

This lecture will describe the various categories of neuro technology as well as strategies for how to choose an optimal piece that will best fit your setting and patient population. It will also explore methods for integrating use of neuro technologies into clinical practice through standardization.