Natalee Takasumi


Natalee Takasumi is the Head of Clinical Applications of North America for DIH. Within this role, she uses her strong background in advanced technology in neurologic rehabilitation, to provide education at customer sites on how to successfully integrate devices into clinical practice. Natalee graduated in 2014 with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Colorado with honors. She worked at Craig Hospital in Colorado for 5 years. During most of her time there, Natalee served as the supervisor of The PEAK Center, an outpatient adaptive health and wellness facility serving individuals with neurological conditions and disabilities that expands beyond Craig's core mission of brain and spinal cord rehabilitation. Throughout this time, Natalee utilized an extensive amount of rehabilitation technology in combination with conventional therapy to achieve the clients' wellness &/or functional goals. She started at DIH since April, 2019 as a Clinical Applications Manager.