Ryan D’Arcy

BSc, MSc, PhD, Eng.L.

Dr. Ryan C.N. D’Arcy is the Co-Founder of HealthTech Connex. Trained in neuroscience, neurotechnology, and medical imaging, Dr. D’Arcy also holds a BC Leadership Chair in Medical Technology, is a full Professor at Simon Fraser University, and a member of the DM Centre for Brain Health at the University of British Columbia. He has published more than 260 academic works, attracted more than $85 Million in competitive research and innovation funding, and been recognized through numerous awards and distinctions. Dr. D'Arcy is a 3X TEDx speaker, who speaks frequently on brain health innovations around the world.

Dr. D’Arcy received a B.Sc. (with distinction) from the University of Victoria along with both M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in neuroscience from Dalhousie University (Killam Scholar). He completed post-doctoral training in medical imaging physics at the National Research Council’s Institute for Biodiagnostics, and holds a professional engineering designation in Neurotechnology (Eng.L.). He spent over a decade leading the development of Atlantic Canada’s biomedical imaging cluster before returning home to BC to catalyze and lead the development of the Health and Technology cluster in Surrey.

Dr. D’Arcy is widely recognized for co-founding the Health Sciences and Innovation initiative at Fraser Health’s Surrey Memorial Hospital, which led to co-founding Innovation Boulevard along with the Health and Technology District (the District). In addition to his role as President and Chief Scientific Officer at HealthTech Connex, he also leads the District’s BrainNET initiative to connect advances in neuroscience research to innovations in brain health.

8:00 AM PST

Friday March 4, 2022

LIVE - The Human Side of Neurorecovery - How can tech help us harness neuroplasticity?

Clinicians are drawn to work in Neuro rehabilitation so they can help people recover as much as possible. Technology has changed the way care is delivered, allowing us to make gains that weren’t previously possible. This session will explore the human side of neurorecovery by looking at a real life case example. The discussion will include the use of technology for tracking and monitoring changes within a rehabilitation program. A case study will be used to illustrate how clinical outcomes were improved with the use of neuro rehab technology.