Sam Tackeff

Co-Founder, Ompractice

Sam Tackeff is the Co-Founder of Ompractice, the leading two-way video yoga and wellness platform for large organizations, and teams. Ompractice has been building virtual yoga and wellness at scale since 2018, and partners with companies like AARP, Harvard Pilgrim, and the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Their north star is serving people who the wellness industry has historically overlooked, and providing disproportionate access to the proven health outcomes of yoga and mindfulness to those who need it the most. Prior to founding Ompractice, Sam led globalization for the mobile fitness app, Runkeeper, helping to scale to millions of users worldwide, and was an early team member at Square. Among her other pursuits, she’s a culinary adventurer and former manager of the cookbook haven Omnivore Books, a certified personal trainer and running coach; and teaches courses for women and entrepreneurs on Self Care. Sam is a graduate of Wellesley College.