Simonne Cumberbatch

MSc. OT Reg. (Ont.), BSc. Bio/Psych

Simonne Cumberbatch is an OT graduate from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont. who found a special passion in geriatrics. She is now a Clinician Leader on the Community-Behaviour Support Outreach Team at Baycrest in Toronto. She has spent 10 years specializing in behavioural management, dementia and geriatric mental health in Thunder Bay, Hamilton, Vaughn, Brampton and Toronto. She has worked in senior care as an educator, team lead, care coordinator, clinician consultant and behaviour support specialist across acute care, LTCHs, and now works supporting clients and caregivers within the community.

8:45 AM PST

Friday April 8, 2022

How Therapists Can Use the Guide to Virtual Creative Engagement for Older Adults in the Battle Against Social Isolation.

This session will introduce the participants to the newly created VCE Guide, and how to best utilise this tool to promote and encourage the use of meaningful virtual programming and resources as a manner to improve quality of life and decrease the negative effects of isolation within home bound seniors. This session will highlight the devastating emotional, cognitive and physical effects of senior isolation and explore why rehab professionals can be at the forefront of making positive change.