Trish Williams

OT (c)

Hey there! I’m Trish.
CEO and Founder at TWC

Each obstacle I’ve overcome has made me ready for this work!

I'm a warm, outspoken, driven Canadian OT turned business coach with a passion for helping other OT entrepreneurs build a profitable and lasting business.

I have been an OT for 27 years and built two successful businesses. Whether you’re looking for biz coaching related to an OT practice or an outside-the-box idea. I’ve got you covered.

I draw from a wealth of experiences from my 10 years as the owner of a bricks-and-mortar clinic, Spring OT. Meaning I understand those very maddeningly specific business questions unique to OT practice.

I get what it's like to have aspirations outside of the clinical setting. In the pursuit of leveraged offers that could impact more OTs, I launched an online summit, built a coaching program, and developed my own VIP Day. That’s right, I have the experience to help you bring your great idea to life as a money-making machine.

My #1 goal is to lay it all on the table to empower you with the tools and resources you need. It’s time for you to step out from under frustration, overwhelm, and feelings of unworthiness into your power as a leader, change-maker, and successful business owner.

I spent years as an entrepreneur working IN my business instead of ON my business, and I now know (and can share!) the benefits of truly embodying a CEO lifestyle.

I’ve done a lot of growing (and it never truly ends) and unlocked keys to success in business and in life.

In a distinctly OT way.

10:30 AM PST

Saturday March 12, 2022

LIVE - Real Talk: The "Clinical" Side of Social Media

Meet our panelists as they discuss what it's like to be a rehab professional with a growing social media presence. Learn how they've grown their audience, created content, and taken on the roles of "influencer" and "therapist".