The AgeTech Review Agenda April 8, 2022

*Please note that we will be announcing additional speakers and sessions over the next few weeks. Agenda timings are subject to change. 


Detailed Agenda May 21, 2021

7:00 AM PST

Welcome Remarks

Welcome address from AARP Innovation Labs. 


Sheila D. Collins

7:15 AM PST

Meeting the challenges of longevity.


Dr. Allison Sekuler

7:45 AM PST

An Introduction to the AgeTech Collaborative

The AgeTech Collaborative™ has a mission to discover, support and scale ideas that will help empower millions of people to choose how they live as they age. Created by AARP, it brings leading startups, forward-thinking investors, enlightened industry leaders and creative testbeds together to innovate and introduce smart solutions into the $8 trillion economy fueled by people 50 years old and over. Join us to learn more!


Sasha Spellman

8:15 AM PST

LIVE - Are Robots the Future of Aging-in-Place?

With growing demand, caregiver shortages, and preference for in-home care, are robots the answer to successfully aging-in-place? Robots can now take the form of companions, household assistants, and care providers. While we are not quite living as the Jetsons just yet, are we on our way there? Join us for this exciting panel discussion about the future of aging-in-place and the place of home robots in it, moderated by Keren Etkin, author of The AgeTech Revolution.


Keren Etkin


Goldie Nejat


Mike Dooley


Assaf Gad

8:45 AM PST

How Therapists Can Use the Guide to Virtual Creative Engagement for Older Adults in the Battle Against Social Isolation.

This session will introduce the participants to the newly created VCE Guide, and how to best utilise this tool to promote and encourage the use of meaningful virtual programming and resources as a manner to improve quality of life and decrease the negative effects of isolation within home bound seniors. This session will highlight the devastating emotional, cognitive and physical effects of senior isolation and explore why rehab professionals can be at the forefront of making positive change.


Simonne Cumberbatch

9:15 AM PST

LIVE - PERS & Fall detection: To wear or not to wear

Join us for this panel discussion on the emerging landscape of fall detection tools. We've seen growth in both wearable options, from phones to hearing aids, as well as stand-alone devices using everything from video to AI to radar frequencies to "see" a fall and call for help. So which one is best? When should one be used over the other and what do users feel about the options presented?


David Frerichs


Dr. Richard Caro


Dr. Flavio Oliveira


Dr. Vicki Komisar


Dorina Simeonov

9:45 AM PST

Reducing Covid-19 Related Disability in Rural Community-Dwelling Older Adults Using Smart Technology

This session will cover a novel in-home sensor system for older adults. Results of studies conducted in independent living senior apartments will be presented along with progress of a currently funded study targeting older adults living in rural communities.


Rachel Proffitt

10:15 AM PST

LIVE - Smart Technology for Senior Living and Home Health

Join us as we learn about the role smart devices, such as the Amazon Alexa, can have in senior living and home health. Our panel will discuss how technology and the integration of platforms can enhance care, patient engagement, and safety.


Mark Gray


Ginna Baik


Brandee VanVuuren

10:45 AM PST

LIVE - Falls Prevention: Past, Present, Future

Is there a place for technology in enhancing current falls prevention interventions? Let's consider how virtual interventions and technological innovations can enhance our practice when looking at improving balance and strength, home safety and falls education. Join us as Dr. Deborah Bolding leads this panel discussion and speaks about interventions of the past, current research, and new ways for us to help reduce falls.


Dr. Deborah Bolding


Amanda Rees


Jason Crandall


Andrea Case-Rogers

11:45 AM PST

A review of the LEAP platform: Why user feedback matters

What happens when we connect with users to understand their needs and preferences? Join us as we take a look at the LEAP platform, one year later, and see how co-designed products are a win for all.


Bianca Stern

12:00 PM PST

How to Include Smart Home Solutions into Your Therapeutic Interventions

Technology can seem very intimidating and futuristic but the potential benefits for supportive independence are significant for improving quality of life! This talk will demonstrate how implementing technology into your practice will be worth the learning curve so that your clients will have more options to be able to live independently at home. We will discuss how to implement both high tech and low tech options to support everything from mild cognitive deficit to spinal cord injury to Parkinson’s Disease. Lastly, we’ll explore how technology can be the virtual assistant every clinician-parent needs to keep a household running and their sanity intact!


Carol Chiang

12:15 PM PST

Are You Listening? Using speech to detect cognitive decline and depression

Speech contains information about our health, cognition and mood. Advancements in automated speech processing technology have the potential to help us develop novel tools to measure these patterns and potentially allow for early diagnosis or better tracking of neurologic and psychiatric disease and disorders. Winterlight Labs is developing tools to detect dementia and depression from speech. In this talk, I will provide an overview of our technology and our research in developing and validating digital speech-based biomarkers.


Dr. Jessica Robin

1:00 PM PST

Live Networking Reception

1:30 PM PST

Going Missing in the Community: Exploring Strategies to Reduce the Risks of Getting Lost Among Persons Living with Dementia

The number of missing persons living with dementia is rising and will continue to increase as our population ages. Attendees will learn about low and high tech assistive technologies that promote safe wandering while allowing a level of autonomy, independence and safety.


Dr. Noelannah Neubauer

2:00 PM PST

Prescribing Tech: Autonomy and Independence in Older Adult Care

The global pandemic provides a backdrop for the unprecedentedly rapid adoption of AgeTech, such as information and communication technologies or mobile applications that benefit older adults. In this new era of technology, how will this influence the autonomy and independence of older adults? This presentation will feature examples of AgeTech that focus on autonomy and independence from around the world as well as research and development within the field.


Dr. Noelannah Neubauer

2:45 PM PST

Can we promote occupational engagement through technology?


Lianna Genovese

3:30 PM PST

The Clinician & AgeTech: Where do we go from here?

Join us for the Rehab Tech Summit's closing address as Sarah Thomas, OT and CEO of DelightxDesign, takes us through a review of what the future of rehab care can look like when we combine the innovations in technology with their applications in real-life practice. Sarah will focus on the agetech landscape and demonstrate how rehab therapists can not only scale their impact in patient care through the use of technology but influence the design, development and deployment of these tools using their experience and expertise. Sarah's real-life journey as an occupational therapist who transitioned from the clinical to the non-clinical world and her deep knowledge of the aging space, will provide insight to attendees on the possibilities that the future can hold.


Sarah Thomas